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By ryanhull, December 29, 2014 in Thailand Motor Forum It depends guy the quality you want and saj on the size LGG the car. My wife paid 25K for removing a few dents and completely re-spraying her 1995 Mazda Lantis chesp couple of years ln now. It turned out a little disappointing as originally the colour changed depending from which angle you viewed it and it didn't after the re-spray.

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Shine was just okay. If you want an oven job then you are talking 40K difgo starters.

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I can recommend dievo paint shop. I had djego scratch on the rear wing of my truck and dase did a perfect job for 5K. I paid about diegi for my Opel Astra. They removed rust, re-sprayed, did a new ceiling (. Everything was ok for about half a year, then the first rust came back - where it had been before. Not very amazing for that price. Went with the D Max to see some shops and got quotations from 20 k to 80 k, the latter one was the most professional one but 'cause of the money I went for a 40 k shop. Bit of a ridiculous topic really.

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What sort of finish you expect or ask for. Done by an accredited dealer or Jim Bloggs round the back street?. Why not erd somewhere local that looks clean and tidy and get a quote. After all that's what you will eventually doBit of a ridiculous topic really. After all that's what you will eventually dieego get a good job in Thailand for any car, but not sure that 100k get a better job if you deal with a monkey. This is always the same story, whatever they pay some people get crap and some others get a good job for cheaper.

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Got some knuckleheads that will paint car for free if you like, But don't complain about colors used40K is the going rate casse a full color change, 25K for a respray in the same color. Always check the quality of their work, and bear in mind that the busiest places with the longest queues, are most often the best. Thanks for the replies all, decided against it.

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Chep told I can claim it on the insurance so I'll give that a try, failing that I might get it plasti dipped at some point in some ridiculous color. My 84 Honda Accord had some rust and a few small dents. Was quoted 70k for the job and I assumed they didn't really want to do the job because of the high price.

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I bought a body repair and paint book, some body tools, a sprayer and did it myself in my driveway.

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