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Knee high boots for skinny legs

We evaluated each pair of boots hkgh a series of three tests. In the first test, we packed knee high boots for skinny legs the boots up to the instep in tubs of ice and used a temperature gun to measure how quickly the internal temperature dropped at three-minute intervals. The goal was to eliminate the body heat produced by feet from the equation while comparing how well boos boots hig against heat loss to a cold surface (the ice). The ice served two purposes: one, giving us another read on how well the boots were insulated relative to one another, and two, making it immediately obvious when pegs started seeping into the footwear. The test evolved to include deep knee bends and other movements designed to stress the places where a boot is most likely to leak with repeated wear and use, and we declared the test over once a boot started bigh leak, which happened to some degree in about half the cases. To be completely clear, although all but two of the kegs we tested were meant to be waterproof, we deliberately designed this fod to push them all obots bots any reasonable expectations of fo. An insulated version that we tested for this guide, the Muck Boot Arctic Excursion Mid, showcased hih how booots this type of boot works in gor conditions, shining even kegs the wet decks of an Alaskan boat in subfreezing skiny. Our lastand arguably most importanttest involved taking each pair of boots for a walk on both city streets and outdoor trails. Each boot went through at least two or higgh miles of walk-testing, although in many cases they had quite a bit more, with testers continuing until they felt they had amassed enough information for a legz opinion. The Durand Skinmy WP provides excellent traction Google Play App for Hig most winter surfaces, can easily take you down to zero degrees of temperature, and offers a fit that suits most feet, although some people will need to size up. The waterproofing is also excellent, except for a small vent in the tongue that lets water in. Finally, this boot is also flexible enough to walk in easily but gives more structure and support than leegs town boots we evaluated. Like most serious winter boots, the Durand Polar WP excels on snow, thanks to a combination of fairly aggressive lugs and open space between them that helps slow the accumulation of snow. It also offers good traction on rough ice and good lateral support (receiving four out of five points from our testers in that regard), although again, like most boots in this class, it provides only so-so traction on smooth, flat ice. Note that the upper requires more sklnny time than that of the other boots we evaluated, so if you have sensitive ankles and calves, you might want to wear padded socks for the first few uses.

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This boot has a bots wider than usual toe box, too, although people with wide feet will want to go up half a size, and it cor a decent job of locking your heel in. The Durand Polar WP is notably taller than a mid-cut boot, which means it slinny do well at keeping snow out on its own.

The relatively structured build helps with this by keeping the boot from compressing your foot and cutting down on circulation, which in turn would chill you. Such a construction often translates to a clunky boot, but the Keen Durand Polar WP is actually very easy to walk in, with just enough rocker (upturned toe) and flexibility in the forefoot and ankle to allow a natural stride without sacrificing support. Interestingly, this boot placed first in our temperature-gun tests of insulating value, although our testers thought the L. Bean Wildcat boots were a little warmer in actual use.

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Our final two notes have to do with water. The Keen Durand Polar WP boots had excellent results in our waterproofing testand also kept our feet warm in those tubs of ice waterexcept for a vent needlework the top half of the tongue that seems to soak up water, from which point the moisture eventually seeps into the interior of the boot. In our experience, the faux fur drew several compliments as a nice, feminine touch, something to consider if you plan to wear these boots around town. But for the vast majority of people recreating in the outdoors, the Keen Durand Polar WP offers the perfect blend of features. After our previous pick was discontinued, we went back to the drawing board, gathered up long-term testing notes from some of our previous contenders, and found that Blundstone boots had been a favorite among Wirecutter staff.

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Both of these boots earned high scores in previous tests, and we wanted to put them to the test again. Our previous pick, the Sorel Madson Boot, was a stylish design, but that ended up being a downside because the style was quickly discontinued and is being replaced by a new line. Even though the uninsulated version performed great in winter conditions (and we still recommend it if you want to be able to use it year-round or you live in milder climates), the thermal version is fully insulated, waterproof, and surprisingly not too bulky. Our testers hiked on trails, commuted to work, and, because these boots are easy to slip on and off, kept reaching for them for taking the trash out or going on a quick walk with the dog. This boot also passed our waterproofing tests with flying colors. It also comes with a sheepskin insole, which gives the boot a cozy, slipper-like feel. Our testers did notice that it made the boot feel more snug when wearing it at first, but the boot quickly breaks in and fits true to size. One thing we found out about Blundstone sizing, which is not intuitive, is that its half sizes refer to only an increase in width (not length).

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So if you prefer to wear thick socks and want to size up, legz may have to go up a full size instead of a half size (see boors section on boot fit and keeping warm). Our testers found that the half-size increase was sometimes plenty to adjust for a thicker sock, but if you think you need extra room in the toe box, you may need to go up to the next full size.

Knee high boots for skinny legs
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