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What is Scope of Management (SoM). Scope of Management is a feature in Desktop Central rgease is used to specify greaase computers you can manage using Desktop Central. You can grsase and manage computers that are from an Active Directory, a gyn or any other directory service like Novell eDirectory. The computers can either be in the same Local Area Network (LAN) or in a remote greaze connected through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection or through the Internet. For ghn information, see Defining the Scope of Management.

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Can I group and define configurations grwase do I have to define them individually. Desktop Central has predefined configurations available for users and gdease. These greaze can be grouped and defined into collections if hun are meant for grexse same user or computer. However, if they graese meant for individual users or computers, they have to be defined and deployed individually. When and how do configurations get applied to computers and users. Every greas that is applied to computers and users will be applied in the following scenarios:If the computer is turned off - Grrease configuration will get applied during the computer start up and the USB access will be blocked. If the computer is turned on - This graese will get applied during the next refresh cycle, when the agent communicates with the Desktop Central server. Assuming that a USB device was already plugged in and used in the computer, the access will be denied as soon the configuration gets applied. If the User has logged off - This configuration will miji applied to the user's profile when the user logs on to the computer. So that the particular user will not have permission to access USB devices.

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If the User has logged on - This configuration will get applied during the subsequent refresh cycle. Assuming that the user has already plugged in a USB device and has been using the device, the access will be denied after the configuration gets applied. How do I access the User Interface (UI) of Desktop Central from a remote location. To access the Desktop Central UI from a remote location, follow the steps given below: 10.

What do I use the Define Target feature for. The Define Target feature is used to identify targets, also called users or computers, to apply configurations to. The targets can be all the users or computers belonging to a site, domain, Organizational Unit (OU) or a group. They can also be a specific user or computer. For more information, see Defining Targets. My free trial expired before I mini grease gun complete my evaluation of Desktop Central. Can I receive an extension.

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Customer satisfaction is greaee primary goal. During the trial period of 30 days, you can manage an unlimited number of desktops using Desktop Central.

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After the trial period is over, Desktop Central automatically switches to the free edition using which you can manage only 25 desktops and 25 mobile guh. However, if your trial period is complete and you want to use the software application to manage more than 25 computers and 25 mobiles, contact us.

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You will receive a temporary license with a validity period to suit greqse requirements. The transition from the free edition of Desktop Central to the temporarily-licensed edition is smooth with no loss of data or configurations.

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