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Made, in the 1930's, by Shelley Porcelain from England.

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I am very viwion to get along with. Always check our photos for more item information.

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It's white visioj violet flower sco;e and gold trim. The exterior is unglazed. The urn interior is glazed. The exterior has faint remains of blue rim painted decoration. These are bision cream background.

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These are excellent, previously owned but never used. View a list of all "Seal of Approval" posts. Maybe the dumbest way to store antique china. I am honestly astonished that they thought that was a good idea. And in the middle of the room.

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What about at night when they are walking through the room. Gosh these people are professional idiots.

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Many of them have a great deal of "style" and no actual construction knowledge and experience. They can be mind-numbingly stupid when they try to do something creative. A friend of mine, who is an interior designer, built this fucking awful table where the legs go straight through scpoe top and there are no struts or crossbars or any way to handle a little shear. If you put anything on the table, it collapses on its side. My friend's table was actually worse than that, if you can believe it. He literally cut four holes in the tabletop, and the legs go up through the table top and stick up a good four inches.

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I just remembered something else terrible about it. He painted it matte green and forgot to prime or sand the wood. He was using it for a while as his "laundry table," except it kept collapsing while he tried to fold clothes.

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Does anybody know a trick to get it off.
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After a string of four Los Angeles area burglaries, police managed to arrest individuals suspected of connections to the incidents in early October.

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