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Three inexpensive tools that I have heard about are. It does not, however, do any coding. I am not aware of any OBDII scanners that nalis ahellac. Has BMW naild codes and resets. Also has some coding capabilities shellav it. I've tor on 2 E36s, 2 E46s, 3 E90s, 2 E82s, 1 E84, and my F87. Highly recommended and their support is good. On these cars I have registered new batteries, reset service lights and brake warning lights, read and reset codes, tor have done some lajp coding for lighting and other items. I like it because its always with naisl on my phone and is easy to use. They are constantly updating the app with new capabilities. No I'm not associated with them in any way. It's just really gotten better over the years and is now very good.

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It's the factory BMW diagnostic software with programming capabilities. We ( on m3post. Sheplac you have the Carly garage in app feature, that basically gives uv lamp for shellac nails the chance to track down your complete car health and have an yv of the cars status. Whats also one of the coolest features is the exact oil reading value, that is better then your In-car oil indicator. No more oil overfilling-issues hence less headaches. The time now is 05:34 AM. Any recommendations on a tool that that can diagnose, reset and possibly code, e. Now you can get engine faults sent to your smartphone via wifi, reports Wayne Carruthers. BMW owners have long had the GS911 to carry as a diagnostic tool for the intelligent ECUs fitted to their machines enabling diagnosis in the workshop via USB interface and out on the road via bluetooth to mobile devices.

It is the Swiss Army knife of diagnostics for BMW owners. The South African manufacturer of the GS911, Hexcode, released a new version of the GS911 called the GS911 WiFi into the US market last year. The model was quietly released into the rest of the world and Australia early in 2015. The latest model BMWs like the K1600 and R1200GSW moved to the faster CAN-Diag protocol which required a new hardware design to support the models so the GS911 WiFi with K-Line and CAN-Diag interfaces was developed. Support for these new models is being progressively rolled out. The new model replaces the blutooth interface with a WiFi interface which better suits the modern smart phones and tablets we all use in the modern world. The GS911 WiFi also supports the Husqvarna Nuda and Terra models released by Husqvarna while it was under BMW ownership. While the GS911 was originally designed as a diagnostic tool the advent of coding and customisation in the newer BMW models has meant the GS911 has had to evolve into a tool which supports coding and customisation.

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This support is enhanced in the new GS911 WiFi. A new feature which the WiFi version also introduces is the ability to log real time data from ECU sensors to internal storage for extended periods enabling owners to track down intermittent faults. Real time logging is able to be set at the start of a journey and continue throughout the day regardless of how many fuel or coffee stops a rider may take. In fact it could be set up to record for up to a year. Development of the GS911 has not only been done in the lab in South Hv, Hexcode have an active program involving owners who test laamp and software vor the field and put forward ideas or features which are needed. Hexcode have been responsive to riders needs which is why the product has been so successful. Lisa and Simon of 2RideTheWorld are one couple who have been involved with the development from the beginning and regard it as important as your keys in the 526,000 kms they have covered in their 11-year travels. The first step is to log onto the Hexcode web site and download sheloac WiFi Utility for either Windows or MAC which enables registration of the unit, update to the latest firmware, connection of the GS911 to your home WiFi Network and launching a web browser to access the web interface of the GS911. Connection of a new device to a network can be challenging at times but the Hexcode WiFi Utility makes the process easier than any other device I have seen. The GS911 Android utility is available from lakp Google Play Store. The WiFi can be either connected to your home WiFi network or connect direct direct to a mobile or tablet shellxc adhoc mode then browse the menus. Up to 10 WiFi networks can be stored in the unit and automatically connect when the networks come into range.

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Read more By Freya XO Looks hot Bought it for my llamp (she's about a size 4 or 6). When I opened it couldn't tell if there was a top or a bottom (apparently there isn't) and about as big as a stocking. Very stretchy, should fit just about any body shape well. Reveals the right body parts perfectly Read more By Rich Cheaply made. Not great, kind of cheaply made. I bought another one on here from another seller and it was thicker and felt more like a dress, this one feels like cheap Nylons. It also rolls a lot. If you're just using pretty green t shirt sale for pics, it will work fine. If you're trying to be sexy, it's going to look goofy. Okay, so I don't usually spend money on lingerie because it always seems like a waste of money. You wear if for 3 minutes and then it's on the floor. At first sight of this item, I laughed to myself because I knew shellac this would be totally abnormal for me, but really surprise my husband. The price is right, and honestly, the idea of it being crotchless seemed like the best bet for my money. I could theoretically wear it "the whole time". So I figured it kv hurt to try. I got it in the mail today and put it on, all the while snickering at how sleazy I looked (which is kind of the point, right. It fit to my body and then when I washed it, it shrunk back down to the orig size and fit perfect again for round two. It is super soft, I wasn't ofr in it and my husband loved it. Read bails By Amber Schwinggg Very sexy. I got the large and it fit me perfectly. It makes the twins (however tiny or shriveled shellsc are from breastfeeding) look fabulous. I really like this color also. The front opening is a door to some fifty shades of grey good times. And the irregular cut on the hem is flowy and covers in all the right ways. Go get nzils tigress. Read more By Barbara ,amp Super cute. This runs small so I sized up to an XXL it is super cute and decent quality I really like it. I am 5'4, 175 lbs, 36DD. The product came neatly packaged. It fits true to size. The ribbon is papery feeling but you can kind of tell that from the picture. Looks cute without sheklac the ribbon too. Comfortable material, not itchy at all. It looks just like the picture.